Wednesday, 26 August 2009

So How Polluted is Beijing?

I remember the fuss made over the pollution for the Olympics, but I was not prepared for what it really meant - this. You hardly see any blue sky, a pall hangs over the city all the time. Here I am standing on Jing Shan park - a massive man-made hill created around 1300 AD from the earth dug out to create the moat around the Forbidden Palace, that you see here. This is the North Side of the Palace, the main entrance is in the South as the Chinese believe the South to be most important - maps are often printed with South at the top and a compass is called a "south pointing needle". You can also see the symmetry of the Palace, built with the principles of Feng Shui at its heart.

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carolyn said...

reminds me, been awhile since I've visited Los Angeles in the winter (Pasadena is even thicker)