Friday, 21 August 2009

Something for the Weekend

Out of sequence, here is one of the shots I took to use as screen wallpaper (I keep my screen icons on the left), you are welcome to use it if you want. It's from the Tang Dynasty, around 700 AD and seen in the Shanghai Museum, and cheers me up each time I see it. Maybe I'm strange.

While I'm at it, a little background. This is not a "normal" blog of mine, this is being created for me to remember, and to help me crystallise thoughts that are floating around in my head. It's a useful device for writing to talk to you, but then you may not even be there, and even if you are there you may not be listening, no matter. While I'm still writing this blog it there will be pictures some days, other days there may not be any. So now you know.

1 comment:

carolyn said...

Gives me a giggle, as well: something of the Samuel Johnson there, I'd venture (or I suppose it would be other way round, SJ having imbibed something of the ancient Chinese glum).